Posted on: October 5, 2010 11:12 pm

Billionaires v. Millionaires

Is anyone else as fed up as I am with the griping by the owners (billionaires) and the players (millionaires)?  I find it sickening in this economy that they all have the nerve to constantly talk about lock outs and lawsuits over billions of dollars.  This in an economy where people are continuously losing jobs, their houses, and medical coverage.  Yet they both expect us the fans to "take" their side.  Are they delusional?  
I mean do any of them really ask themselves about how the fans have to scrape and claw the money to get to these games?  In this economy all sports are showing reduced numbers at stadiums. The NFL is struggling in quite a few markets to fill stadiums.  why?  the economy.  People cannot afford the astronomical prices these owners are charging for admission.  And the players want a bigger and bigger piece of the pie.
Well to me, as fans, we should take our own side.  We should tell these billionaires and millionaires that we have had enough.  We should boycott the games.  No one renew season tickets.  No one buy any tickets to any game.  Think they would finally take notice when they play in front of empty stadiums and all the games are blacked out?  Think they will notice when no one will be there to be outrageously charged 10 bucks for a beer and 4.75 for a hot dog?  Think they will take notice when all that revenue goes bye bye?
One would hope so.
Fans, I urge you to stand up against these athletes and owners and tell them we won't take it anymore.  We need to let it be known that ticket prices need to be reduced and concession prices need to be lowered.  Fans stand up and make our voice heard.  
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Posted on: June 13, 2009 9:42 am

Milton Bradley is Useless

Milton Bradley has to be the top award winner this season for worst free agent signing.  And Jim Hendry should get an award for being the GM who got fleeced for 30 million by a horrible player.  Every game that Bradley plays shows he was one of the most disappointing signing of the free agent class.  Yesterday pretty much summed up exactly the type of year he is having.  The guy is a DH and should not be playing RF for the Cubs, much less should have been signed by the Cubs.  Instead the Cubs dumped part of their bullpen and our best clutch player and leader of the clubhouse for this malcontent.  Bradley is nothing but a cancer in the clubhouse and is a joke on the field.

Jim Hendry should lose his job for this signing and his implosion of our bullpen to make it one of the worst in the league.  His many mistakes this offseason will cost the Cubs any chance at the playoffs.  If that happens, Hendry should go, as well as Piniella and the pitching coach we can't seem to get rid of, Rothschild.  This team is severely underachieving with its talent base and it is unacceptable. 
Piniellas ho hum attitude is maddening.  What happened to the fiery guy who motivated his players?  Gone!

It is good to see the fans boo the garbage that is on the field.  And if the Cubs players can't understand why the fans are booing their play, then they shouldn't be in a Cubs uniform and ship em out.  Because it seems the fans care way more than the players do about winning.  I would even go as far to say the Cubs have no heart and it begins with Bradley, whose play shows he doesn't care and isn't paying attention half of the time.  It shows, you can have all the talent in the world on the field, but without heart and leadership, you aren't going anywhere.

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